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almost 8 years ago
by madsa101

Saria's song (Full)

This is my take on Saria's song! its one octave lower than its supposed to at the end, but the rest i think is accurate. The song is from "The legend of Zelda: The ocarina of time" All feedback is welcome, and Enjoy!

over 7 years ago
by drulte

.:Star Wars | Theme Song:.

This is the full Star Wars theme song (without intro) made by drulte

The whole song loops one more time at the end.

about 6 years ago
by Batgirl151

Zelda's Lullaby

This is the real Zelda's Lullaby that actually sounds right when you play it on a Pendent ocarina. I should know because I have one, and i tested it out before I submitted it.
On the first high note (or all blank note) use your thumb to cover only the left bottom hole, but not the right. The next one hold it like you would a regular note.

about 6 years ago
by Batgirl151

Happy Birthday (Correct Version)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! This is the correct version for a C note Pendant Ocarina. Please, Enjoy.

about 6 years ago
by Batgirl151

Song of Time (Correct Version)

This is the correct version of the Legend of Zelda Song of Time. I test all my songs out on my C note, Pendent ocarina before i submit them. ENJOY!