• Make music with Magic Fiddle for iPad by Smule
  • Make music with Leaf Trombone: World Stage for iPhone and iPad by Smule
  • Spread the light with Sonic Lighter for iPhone and iPad by Smule
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Discontinued Apps

We're sorry, but unfortunately, Magic Fiddle is no longer available. Smule has bid a fond farewell to our classic apps: Magic Fiddle, Sonic Lighter, and Leaf Trombone.

Why is Smule shutting down these apps?

Smule is focusing on future innovations while making our current systems more efficient and providing our customers with an even better experience across the Smule network.

Were these apps not successful?

These apps were a wonderful part of the Smule family, and we are sad to see them go. Unfortunately, they ran on completely different systems and couldn't come along as we created a more streamlined system.

What is the state of Smule's business?

Smule is flourishing and has an eye toward the future. To move forward, we are migrating over the systems that support our older apps to focus on creating even better apps that liberate the expressive musician in everyone. Stay tuned for more exciting music-making opportunities!

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