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What's the T-Pain Effect?

We've updated the product to use the exact same voice-modification technology that T-Pain used to record his new album in the studio. He calls it the new T-Pain Effect.

I hear static while I record on my iPod touch.

To fix this, turn the wifi off in the iPods general settings prior to making a recording.

I lost all purchased beats, how do I get them back without paying again?

So long as you are using the same iTunes account as when you originally purchased them, you can download them all again without being charged again.

Can't purchase a beat: error message "This is not a Test User account. Please create a new account in the Sandbox environment. [Environment: Sandbox]

NOTE: This sandbox error occurs on jailbroken devices and has to do with the jailbreak process, which alters the way apps are verified. There are a number of fixes so if the steps listed here do not work, try this a google search for the issue:
  1. Uninstall the App in which you want to make the in-app purchase.
  2. Open Cydia > Packages > uninstall AppSync 3.1 (or whatever AppSync version that you have installed)
  3. Reboot your iPhone.
  4. Re-install the App you deleted in step 1 (the App that you want to make in-app purchase)- this step may require deleting the app and downloading a new copy.
  5. Log out of your iTunes account by going to Settings > Store > Sign out, then sign in again using the same method.
  6. You should now be able to make in-app purchases (as long as you don’t have AppSync installed in Cydia)

Error message says that I must purchase app that this belongs to

Try logging out and back into your iTunes account on your device.

I can't purchase beats.

Check to make sure that the in-app purchasing restriction is not on, and make sure you have a strong consistent network connection.

Why are my songs not showing up in the general globe view, but they do show up in the my performances area of the globe?

Patience grasshopper, they will show up at some point.

Tracks recorded using songs from my iTunes Library can't be published or emailed.

While "I Am T-Pain" allows you to record yourself singing along with songs played from your iTunes Library, due to licensing and copyright issues, the application is not able to share those recordings over email or on the website.

Some tracks are no longer displayed in my "Beats" list of tracks.

Due to some licensing and publishing issues, the included tracks "Dreamgirl" and "Can't Believe It" have been temporarily disabled. We are working to resolve these issues and hope to be able to re-include these tracks as soon as possible.

After selecting "Choose from iTunes Library" in the "Beats" menu, the Library loads slowly.

Under some circumstances, the loading of the iTunes Library (your list of iTunes songs) can seem slow, especially if your iPhone/iPod has a large number of tracks loaded into iTunes. As with many iPhone apps, it can be helpful to reboot your phone after installing or upgrading "I Am T-Pain" or any new application.

"The T-Pain Effect" isn't changing my voice.

For a more pronounced T-Pain vocal effect, make sure the tuning is set to a Major or Minor scale, and not to the "Chromatic" scale. Additionally, if you are using the first generation iPhone, you will need to use your headphones with the integrated microphone. The first generation iPhones don't support full duplex audio and so this is the best work around. Note that while we recommend headphones with the integrated mic for the 3G and the 3Gs phones, it is not required for these models.

I can't download any of the Tracks.

If you get an error while downloading your tracks, you need to find better network connectivity and then you should try downloading again. Note it will take more time to download over an Edge network than either 3G or certainly WiFi.

"I'm Sprung" just plays silence; there's no music playing.

The first 20 seconds of "I'm Sprung" are an a'capella section, where you're singing by yourself. Don't worry, the background track kicks in when it should.

I'm not getting enough Love through the Facebook/MySpace widgets.

More practice may not be a bad idea. Or, find some new friends?

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