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Ocarina sometimes acts sluggish under iPhone OS 3.0 .

Ocarina audio performance is greatly enhanced with the iPhone OS 3.1 upgrade and as such Smule encourages Ocarina users to upgrade their phone OS if they are experiencing audio issues.

Is Ocarina compatible with the iPhone 3.0 Beta version 5?

We've discovered an issue with iPhone 3.0 Beta 5 with audio playback in the globe view and are working on an update to Ocarina to address this.

My headphones aren't detected when I connect them to Ocarina.

This issue seems to be with the most recent Apple iPhone 2.2 firmware update. We suggest upgrading your iPhone OS with the latest Apple release.

The headphone audio on my first-generation iPhone is not great.

This issue seems to be resolved with the most recent Apple iPhone 2.2 firmware update. We suggest upgrading your iPhone OS with the latest Apple release.

My holes are sticking.

It is a known issue with the Touch interface that Ocarina holes sometimes stick. In some isolated cases, holes can stick when playing the Ocarina. We have found that this is due to a grounding issue with the iPhone hardware itself and have reported the issue to Apple.

The quick workaround is to either connect your iPhone USB cable to the phone, or to keep one finger touching the metallic strip on the edge of your iPhone. Both methods prevent the grounding issue from causing detection errors on the iPhone touch screen. For more discussion about this issue, please watch this Video clip.

Another successful workaround is to vary your fingering slightly to avoid aligning your touching of holes (as the iPhone screen scans for touches on its surface, if the touch points are directly aligned, it can cause issues recognizing 3 and 4 finger touches. We will introduce a special hole configuration in an upcoming release, as an option, to make it easier for users to avoid this problem.

Sometimes, my finger-touches seem to not register or release early.

We have tested and found some potential anomalies in the touch interface related to OS or Hardware issues with grounding in the device itself. It is possible to workaround some of these false/missed touches by touching the silver edge around the screen with your skin, or by having the usb cable connected.

More specifically, code in our 1.0.2 release fixed two multi-touch bugs:

  1. If the user manage to press two touches in one quadrant and then releases one, the hole will be released.
  2. If the user presses to the left or the right of the radio button and then slides up, this touch will never get processed.

When I start the app, I get an error message that says "Unable to initialize audio"

Users of beta releases of iPhone OS 2.1 may experience audio initialization issues. Upgrading to the official release version of iPhone OS 2.2 may be required to alleviate these issues. We suggest upgrading your iPhone OS with the latest Apple release.

Sound quality on my first generation phone is not great and seems sometimes to be distorted.

Yes, we agree. The 3G hardware is much better for audio than the original iPhone. Audio sometimes distorted on first generation phones. We are working with Apple to address this. Our pending 1.0.2 release provides some improvements, as will Apple's next 2.2 firmware update.

Can I use an external microphone with Ocarina?

Yes you can. You can use many kinds of external microphones with Ocarina such as the kind of products you'll find here. Just make sure that the microphone has the correct adaptor for your device and you should be good to go. Rock on!

My globe view is blank

This will happen if you have no access to a network, either on your cellular network or WIFI. The globe view is real-time: we are pulling data off of our servers every time you access this. If we can't get to the data (with a network), then we will not play anything.

What do the heart and the other icon mean in the globe view?

The heart means you like a song. The skip button means you do not, but also will skip whatever is being played. The Smule Sonic Network will feature songs that are liked. And yes, we're busy developing enhancements so that your preferences can carry more weight for your own view.

Can I 'remember' a song I like on the globe view? Could I get a score?

Yes, we're working on this too.

Why can't I record my songs?

We're working on it! Stay tuned.

Can I 'remember' a song I like on the globe view? Could I get a score?

Yes, we're working on this too.

Duets? I'd like to play with others, either songs from the globe or just with friends.

Well, as our Stairway video demonstrated, quintets and duets, etc., are certainly possible. We're thinking about other ways to play together. Feel free to send us your own thoughts here, or participate in the ocarina.smule.com forum.

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